Our problem was, we wanted to capture packets with wireshark on a remote SPAN PC, to analyze possible network issues during the planning of a new network design.

Because we didn’t want to be always in the network Lab in front of the capture PC, we installed Xming, and used the SSH as an overlay of our traffic.

There are several howto-s on the internet, but this one was working for me only:

Step 1: Download Xming from here.

Step 2: Install it, with default settings.

Step 3: Create a new putty session for the Wireshark PC:


Step 4: Before you save the session, go to Connection -> SSH -> X11, and set the session like that:


Step 5: Open the Xming

Step 6: SSH to the device, and type the application you need. In a few second, an Xming window will appear, and open the application.


That’s all, it works.