That will be a little bit bigger topic, what I’ve started today 30.10.2014. I have 1 router, 1AP+switch and 1 Raspberry Pi for the server functions at the moment. I decided to replace these devices with one simple PC. Why? Because it’s easier to manage only 1 device, and it’s much more powerful than the RPI.

So I bring my old PC and put 2 network to the PCI slot of it. The setup looks like:

  • CPU: DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2600 MHz (13 x 200) 5000+
  • 2GB DDR2 800Mhz memory
  • LAN interfaces(2 option):
    • First time, I’ll have less wired connected device, so no additional switch is necessary. I’ll use 2 PCI Gigabit module, with 2 port on that.(4Gigabit ports)
    • Later on, if I need more ports, I’ll use a Nortel Baystack425 or a Cisco 3550 (1 Gigabit port to server, 24Fast ethernet for the hosts). Because the uplink is less than 100Mbit we don’t need to use Gigabit interfaces(Just if we would like to copy big files internally)
  • WAN side: 1x100Mbit interaface
  • Wireless LAN:
  • 128GB SSD for system
  • 1 HDD for data partition, and a copy from the OS(for safety sake)

What functions should it do?

  • SSH server, reachable from the Internet
  • Web server, to copy my wordpress to it
  • Deluge server – necessary for downloading
  • Samba server – store all information in one central place, just stream the films etc.
  • Munin server to monitor my local network
  • VPN server, just because it’s fancy, and I like to play from my own network
  • Routing features
    • If the primary link fails, this machine can use 3G connection as a backup path(only IPv4, no outside connection)
    • IPv4 LAN/WAN
    • IPv6 WAN